10. August 2017
Today I came upon two videos on open access and the internet, both inspiring, and one unsettling. First, the unsettling bit. Peter Sunde, of PirateBay fame, recently spoke at the Brain Bar Budapest conference on his view on the internet's relation to society. It's pretty bleak. In a subsequent interview with TNW he said, I would say we, as the people, kind of lost the internet back to the capitalist society, which we were hoping to take it back from. We had this small opening of a decentralized...
10. August 2017
One nice thing about linguistics is its sort-of tacit support for OpenAccess. LingBuzz has been a staple for years and seems to get around many of the ArXiV woes. But journal publishing is still a real measure of output, so why not have those we read and publish in be OA too? Anyhow, I found this great list of OpenAccess Linguistics Journals.
09. August 2017
This month, I discuss four rather diverse papers. The first paper is a recent review about how the structure of neural networks changes spontaneously in vivo, which raises some questions about our view of memory engrams. The second one is an intriguing study showing that anticipated eye movements have an influence on the eardrums; it questions our view of the senses as separated modalities. The next two are about neurobiology of unicellular organisms. I use the term neurobiology because they...
01. June 2017
I recently found this photo of me at the Stony Brook Linguistics Computational phonology workshop last December, focusing on elaborating Heinz's Subregular Hypothesis. I gave a talk on sign language complexity, mostly on how shocking it is that complexity bounds hold when you completely change the articulatory system.