Writing In Linguistics - Winter 2018



Jan 19

We had our last class. Papers due at 5 pm today!

Jan 17

here is a link to the video we watched today! Please read the following papers for tomorrow, preferably in this order:

Jan 16

Here are links to my LaTeX examples of Slides and a CV/Resume. Remember to clone them first to play!

Please read the following articles in order about linguistics misreporting for Wednesday, 1/17

Jan 13

On Tuesday we will finish our LaTeX tutorial and discuss the process of peer review. Please read the following two short articles for Tuesday, 1/16.

Here is another very interesting piece that is a kind of precursor to Wednesday, to get you all thinking. Read it if you desire after the first two.


Jan 11:

We started our LaTeX tutorial. Here is the link to the practice guide! I have set it to "read only", so to make changes, click "clone this project" when you open the link.

Here is a link to a wikibook on LaTeX, with a special section on linguistics 


Jan 9-10

We went over our first papers.

We will have extended classes Thursday and Friday, until 2 pm.

This week we will start the LaTeX tutorial. Please make an account on this website by Thursday!


Jan 4-5

Classes cancelled due to snowpocalypse. 


Jan 3

Here are the style guides for today:


Jan 2

Introductions, course trajectory, deciding paper order